Danish Society on Maritime Medicine

The purpose for DSMM is to contribute to create contemporary maritime work environments and optimize treatment by occurrence of disease or the occurrence of accidents at sea - on board a ship in the fishing fleet or the merchant navy, on the North Sea oil rigs or in the Navy. The company is interested in the particular circumstances which characterizes maritime health.

Similar maritime medical companies are found in a wide range of maritime countries and in the year 1997 the International Maritime Health Organization (IMHA) was created. The company wishes to strengthen and expand the international cooperation with similar companies abroad and with IMHA.

Anyone with a professional interest in maritime medicine is accepted as members of the company. Danish Society on Maritime Medicine wishes continue to develop the maritime medical field by supporting partly research and partly training activities, which are reflected in scientific events held by the company.

The company has in the spring of year 2008 more than 80 members. There is a tradition of holding two annual professional events with a maritime medical content. The first is held in March or April in connection with the annual general meeting. The second meeting is held in the fall and both meetings are day meetings where one or more themes intended to be gone through. Meetings and annual general meeting will be placed in locations spread across the country with appropriate maritime atmosphere.

We aim for meetings to consist of an experience such as sailing and partly of scientific presentations and discussions.

The company events are not necessarily limited to the two annual events, which currently is what the board has profit to stand for.

Wetherefore hope for an active group of members and propose our members to take professional initiatives, which the company will be happy to support.

Articles of association provideopportunity for committees and members with an interest in certain areas are encouraged to take the initiative in establishing them. Members, who are interested in making professional events, are asked to contact the board. If the members have knowledge of material that is suitable to appear at the company's website, please contact the chairman.

Several ofmembers in the company participated in the "International Symposium on Maritime Health (ISMH) in Manila year 2001 in Tarragona / Barcelona year 2003 and in Croatia year 2005. Denmark is the organizer of the 9th ISMH year 2007 Esbjerg. The company participates in the planning of this meeting, which is a permanent subject on every board meeting.

The companypublishes a newsletter 4-6 times a year for a trial period until 2007. All members are encouraged to contribute with information and debate material to the pages. The members are not receiving the newsletter in paper form it is send only by email. Past issues are available at our website.

NorwegianAssociation on Maritime Medicine publishes a newsletter, DoCumentum Navale, 3 times a year. For each issue, we are committed to contribute with a few pages. The board has established a committee to fulfil this obligation. Link to new numbers are sent through DSMM newsletters. Past issues can be found on the Norwegian Association website, there is a link under publications/inspiration here at DSMM website.

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